Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean

Las Galletas in Tenerife to Falmouth Harbour in Antigua

Mark Collins

Mark will be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean at the end of February 2021. The journey from Las Galletas in Tenerife to Falmouth Harbour in Antigua will cover a total of 3000 miles and is likely to take around 40 days. During this time Mark will be rowing for 12 hours a day broken into two hour shifts. It is an incredibly tough schedule that will be both physically and mentally exhausting. Mark is taking on the challenge with 11 other rowers in a new boat called Roxy that has been specifically designed by a naval architect for this purpose.

Mark is seeking to raise £25,000 to build eco-toilets, wash stations, and provide washable, reusable sanitary pads for the girls, plus training in personal and menstrual hygiene. These facilities will benefit 500 children (and 250 girls especially) living in one of the most impoverished areas of India, where they have no access to any toilets or wash rooms, and minimal knowledge of personal hygiene. This, of course, leads to all sorts of illnesses, which leads to more time off school.

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