“If 90 school buses filled with under five’s were to crash every day, with no survivors, the world would take notice. But this is precisely what happens every single day because of poor water, sanitation and hygiene.” Sanjay Wijesekera, UNICEF

Impact on health

Right now, across the world there is a sanitation crisis. An estimated 530,000 children are dying every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s almost 1400 children per day or one every minute – more than AIDs, malaria and measles combined. (Unicef -June 2016)

Lack of sanitation spreads illness and disease; children under five are especially vulnerable, malnourished and weakened by poverty.

(World Health Organisation) estimates 90% of children who currently die annually from the effects of diarrhoea could be saved through prevention or better treatment.

Impact on women

When it comes to sanitation, the gender divide is immense. Every day millions of women suffer the indignity of having to find somewhere to go to the toilet, often before dawn or after dusk. This could be a field, side of the river or even the street, putting them in direct contact with disease as well as exposing them to the dangers of animal attacks, harassment and assault.

Lack of sanitation spreads illness and disease. Women bear the brunt of this, caring for the sick within their families and communities, and watching their children die – from something as easily preventable as diarrhoea.

Impact on Education

Without decent toilets children are forced to leave school grounds and find an open space, river or gutter to use. Open defecation spreads disease, causing children to frequently become ill, missing out on education, which is crucial to their future employment prospects. As well as the health risks, open defecation also puts the children in danger of harassment and attack, endangering their safety.

Our Solution:

Our GroSan toilets provide vital stepping-stones between education, health, security and wellbeing. Something as basic as access to a toilet can mean children stay healthy, stay in school and have a brighter future.

Research shows with toilets in schools, there is a 15% increase in girls attending school.

Since 2005 we have provided GroSan toilets to over 155,000 school children in India.