20 September 2016

Boothampadi School Toilets

A big and personal “THANK YOU” on behalf of all of the people you have helped. The kind donations to our Tamil Nadu Emergency flood appeal made a real difference and helped us to repair all the toilets damaged by the extreme weather.


The extreme weather back in November and December 2015 (flooding, strong winds and falling trees) damaged 97 family ecosan toilets and 2 school toilet blocks, the degree of damage varied in different villages (roofs, damaged brickwork, broken toilets doors and damage to outer walls).

The torrential rains and severe flooding devastated many villages near to Cuddalore, where we have worked for the past 10 years. These rural villages had no defence from the rising waters and the majority of families for forced to abandon their homes and possessions to find safety. Local schools became refuge centres in many villages, providing people with some shelter.


Repair work being carried out in Ellaikudi, Kumudimoolai, Chokkankollai and Jayankondom.

With your help we are able to ensure that people continue to have access to clean, safe sanitation – providing them with dignity, safety and security. Thank you.

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