Right now, across the world there is a sanitation crisis. An estimated 530,000 children are dying every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. That’s almost 1400 children per day or one every minute – more than AIDs, malaria and measles combined. (Unicef -June 2016).

Without decent toilets children are forced to leave school grounds and find an open space, river or gutter to use. Open defecation spreads disease, causing children to frequently become ill, missing out on education, which is crucial to their future employment prospects. As well as the health risks, open defecation also puts the children in danger of harassment and attack, endangering their safety.

Our Solution

Our GroSan toilets provide vital stepping-stones between education, health, security and wellbeing. Something as basic as access to a toilet can mean children stay healthy, stay in school and have a brighter future.

How your school can get involved

Our schools programme aims to help children in the UK understand what life is like for children in the developing world who don’t have any toilets or clean water. We tie-in the key themes from our work with the national curriculum: health, hygiene, human geography and culture, in a way that is fun and memorable.

What support we offer

• Fundraising ideas and top tips

• Info about us and how the money you raise makes a difference.

• Sponsorship forms, posters to help you promote events, badges, toilet trivia quiz.

• Short videos of the communities benefiting from our work (with subtitles)

• School curriculum notes and worksheets for key stages 1,2,3 and early years.

How the money raised makes a difference

Since 2005 we have provided: 65 School toilet blocks = 155,591 school children access to clean, safe toilets.

• 23% of girls drop out of school once they reach puberty.

• Those that remain miss an average of five days of school a month during their periods.

• With toilets in schools, there is a 15% increase in girls attending.

Maharunisha is 13 years old, she loves going to school and wants to learn, she would rather hold on all day, sitting in pain and discomfort than go to toilet by the river or use the school toilet which is smelly, dirty and often filled with dried faeces.

“Now we have a fantastic new building, brightly painted, clean and safe. We are very happy, we can go to school every day and we do not have to worry any more.”

See below the great things schools like yours are doing to raise money.


St Philip’s Primary School in Odd Down, Bath raised £9,441.00.

£5 challenge to become an Entrepreneur – asking parents to lend their children £5 and challenge them to come up with incentive ways of making this grow. For instance baking cakes, selling plants to friends, family and neighbours. The final profits went towards the project (and parents got the £5 back!). A great way to teach the children business and communication skills, in a fun way.


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