Imagine if Glastonbury Festival had just 89 toilets!

Glastonbury Festival over the last four decades has become the most iconic festival on the planet. But, imagine if Glastonbury Festival had just 89 toilets…

Glastonbury Festival

175,000 festival goers

5,000 public toilets

= 35 people per toilet

Chennai Slums

1.4 million people live in the slums of Chennai

714 public toilets

= 1,960 people per toilet

Given the poor condition and scarcity of public toilets, it’s no surprise that Chennai slum dwellers resort to open defecation in the streets, into open sewers or plastic bags.

In India, over 140,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Please help us to change this.

Your £5 a month donation would help provide someone with a clean, safe toilet. Thank you

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There is a clear, urgent and desperate need for sanitation in Chennai slums. Together with the political will shown by Chennai Corporation and the necessary financial support, Sanitation First will be installing 100 GroSan toilets, helping to transform the lives of 6,000 slum dwellers.

“Before we had these toilets, I used to get sick and have time off school”

Sanitation First are helping more children like Rakshita and Rakshana to spend more time in school and less time off sick, tackling poverty, one toilet at a time, can you help?