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A big and personal “THANK YOU” on behalf of all of the people you have helped. The kind donations to our Tamil Nadu Emergency flood appeal made a real difference and helped us to repair all the toilets damaged by the extreme weather.

Boothampadi School Toilets

The extreme weather back in November and December 2015 (flooding, strong winds and falling trees) damaged 97 family ecosan toilets and 2 school toilet blocks, the degree of damage varied in different villages (roofs, damaged brickwork, broken toilets doors and damage to outer walls).

The torrential rains and severe flooding devastated many villages near to Cuddalore, where we have worked for the past 10 years. These rural villages had no defence from the rising waters and the majority of families for forced to abandon their homes and possessions to find safety. Local schools became refuge centres in many villages, providing people with some shelter.

Repair work being carried out in Ellaikudi, Kumudimoolai, Chokkankollai and Jayankondom.

With your help we are able to ensure that people continue to have access to clean, safe sanitation – providing them with dignity, safety and security. Thank you.


Pupils at Monkton Senior School, near Bath named Sanitation First as their charity of the year. The school charity committee arranged a variety of events, including a charity swim consisting of three hours of solid swimming, with one pupil swimming more than 11km to raise the money.

Monkton Senior School raise money for India

On Saturday 19th June, Monkton senior school presented Louise Kirby-Garton (CEO-Sanitation First) with a cheque for an amazing £9,021.00, the money raised will provide a 218 pupils (106 girls and 112 boys) with girls and boys GroSan toilet block as well as providing the school with a clean water system.

The project: to build a separate girls and boys GroSan toilet block and provide a clean water system for Periya Nargunam middle school, Cuddalore, India. The school has 218 pupils (112 boys and 106 girls).

For children in India the lack of toilet facilities in schools is an unfortunate reality; as well as the obvious health risks, open defecation also puts children, particularly girls, in danger of harassment and attack. Research shows that 23% of girls drop out of school once they reach puberty. Those that remain miss an average of five days of school a month during their periods due to the lack of privacy and facilities.


David Brackenridge

David Brackenridge is one of the founding members of BHT (Brackenridge Hanson Tate – Professional Surveyors and Property Agents) based in Leeds. David celebrated his 50th Birthday last year with a charity cycling challenge from Lands End to John O’Groats.

David and his good friend Andy cycled an incredible 990 miles in 9 days, approximately 110 miles per day, raising an amazing £3,000.

Thanks to David and Andy, 250 pupils at Kundiyamallur school now have clean water for drinking and hand washing.

Water tank Kundiyamallur SchoolWater tank Kundiyamallur School


St Philips Primary School, Odd Down, Bath

St Philip’s Primary School, Odd Down near Bath, have raised an amazing £9,441 – to provide clean water and sanitation for the village of Kouma, a rural community of 600 people in Sierra Leone.

Following the awful Ebola outbreak which affected Sierra Leone and other parts of East Africa, the children of St Philip’s Primary School responded to the shocking statistic that worldwide every minute a child dies from lack of access to clean water. They took up the challenge with an initial aim to raise £8,600 to drill a bore hole and build a toilet block to provide clean safe water and sanitation to the village. The fundraising was boosted by generous donations from members of St Philip & St James Church, and the St Philip’s Drama Group.

This has been a great example of the school reaching out via the local community to help children and families across the world who have so little. Pupils and staff have been imaginative in their methods of fundraising which have ranged from selling painted stones, cookies, homemade cakes and beanbag frogs to sponsored swimming, cycling and pogo jumping. It has been heart warming to see even the youngest pupils joining in.

One nine year old pupil, Louie, raised nearly £550 pounds. The enormous fundraising effort was overseen by Kevin Mottram who inspired the community with the words of Jesus: ‘I was thirsty and you gave me a drink’.


Congratulations and well done to our dedicated team, who ran the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 13th March – The money raised will enable us to build more urgently-needed Grosan (composting) toilets for families in Tamil Nadu, Southeast India, where the vast majority of people do not have any sanitation facilities and open defecation is commonplace.