Ecosan as a Solution to Our Soil and Sanitation Crises

A fundamental part of human life, soil is one of the earth’s most important reserves. Indeed, as 95% of the food we eat comes from the ground, soils are the basis of life. Yet all over the planet, the condition of our soil is declining at an alarming rate; so much so...

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World Soil Day and Global Sanitation

The 5th December is World Soil Day, an annual global observance dedicated to raising awareness for one of the earth’s most important reserves. Soil is a finite resource that is fundamental to human livelihoods, yet all over the world its condition is declining at an alarming rate.

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Let’s Break the Taboo for World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day falls on the 19th November, which is also a special day for our organisation, as it is also Dr Shunmuga Paramasivan's birthday. Dr Shunmuga Paramasivan has been working in sanitation for more than forty years, and we are very lucky to have him as an...

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Guest Blog Post: Anne and Gordon Milne Visit Puducherry

We are incredibly lucky to have a special, guest blog post this month, written by Anne Milne. Earlier this year, Anne and Gordon Milne visited some of our sanitation projects in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. They also opened our brand new ecosan toilet block at Periya...

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The Human Right to a Toilet

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly declared sanitation a universal human right. This means that everyone, everywhere, has the right to a toilet. Did you realise that through your last trip to the bathroom, you were actually exercising one of your fundamental...

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Where Does it End? Assessing the Impact of India’s Period Taboo

  Menstruation as Taboo   The pharmacist checks that my fellow, male customer has his back turned before he slides what looks like a small, black bin-liner across the counter. Never mind the fact that I – ever eco-conscious – had told him not to worry about...

Why Toilets? A Quick Read

Poor sanitation is a leading cause of a wide range of adverse effects on people’s health, education, safety, and economic status. Providing clean and safe sanitation provides disadvantaged people with the foundations from which to achieve a full education and improve...

Why Toilets?

This is a simple question with multiple answers. Only in the last 150 years has our toilet usage in the UK become as convenient as it is now. The provision of a widespread toilet and sewage system has meant that diseases that were once prevalent in the UK, such as...

What is ‘Eve-Teasing’ and Why Should We Be Angry About it?

Earlier this month, on International Women’s Day, we published an article exploring the issue of sanitation-related violence against women. In this piece, we used the term ‘eve-teasing’, which refers to public acts of sexual harassment, including whistling; passing...

World Water Day

What is WASH?   World Water Day is all about focusing our attention on the importance of water. This year, Sanitation First would like to explore water’s significant role as a vital aspect of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). Development professionals...

‘Dying For The Toilet’ by Isis Barei-Guyot

Not having access to a toilet is, in many ways, a gendered issue, as the impact on the lives of women is different to the impact upon men. This is sometimes the result of biological differences between men and women, such as menstruation or pregnancy, but women are also impacted in ways that are unrelated to biological difference.

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Why India? The Facts!

With over 1.2 billion inhabitants, India is a densely populated country, and with such a rich history, it’s no surprise that India is full of contradictions and complexities. We are very often asked why we work in India, given that it’s a country that can afford a...

Love Is…Having A Toilet By Tessa Harris

Forget flowers and chocolate as ways to woo women. In modern India, men would be well advised not to declare their love with flowers, but with a gift that’s much more practical, even if decidedly less romantic. Bollywood romances are famous the world-over for their...

Why Should We Support India?

The answer to this simple question is complex.

In order to understand why we choose to focus our philanthropic resources in India, the current climate of India must be understood. With over 1.2 billion inhabitants, India is a densely populated country, and with such a rich history, it’s no surprise that it is full of contradictions and complexities. Incomprehension of such complexities can lead to false impressions, which prompt questions such as ‘why should we give aid to a country that is able to fund its own space programme?’

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Why Settle For Bog Standard?

Children all over the world spend large proportions of their time in school, where they build the foundations for the rest of their lives. Indeed, they learn value systems, cultural practises, and social behaviours in school, and the school environment impacts upon...
School girls who have benefited from Sanitation First's ecosan toilets
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